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When people noticed that there was something different about her, she lied, and told them Madam Pomfrey had agreed to help her after all. Soon, the girls started to include her in their chats, she was able to walk into a classroom without anyone noticing, and she no longer looked like she could be on the cover of PlayWizard magazine. Harry began to sit with her at the Gryffindor table, and after dinner one night, he complimented Ginny on how nicely she had been styling her hair. Then before he headed towards the boy's dorms, he kissed her for the very first time. Ginny played the event over and over again as a source of inspiration to take her mind off the throbbing pain. Ginny Weasley was starting to get her life back, or so she thought, but the discomfort was almost unbearable. Every day was pure torture, and Ginny would race up the stairs to her room after classes to set her roundies free. She'd sigh in relief, ice down her nipples, and sob at the thought of having to repeat the cycle the next day. Ginny had bruises across her once flawless chest, and because of the swelling, her boppers became even more difficult to restrain. One miserable afternoon, right in the middle of double potions, Ginny passed out in Professor Snape's class. Madam Pomfrey removed the binding spell, resuscitated her, and proclaimed that Ginny had succumbed to a lack of oxygen getting to her brain. Professor Snape snidely remarked that surely Ginny must have had that problem before she started taping herself down. Madam Pomfrey healed her bruises and demanded that she stay in the infirmary. With a strange hilarity unnervingly close to despair, Ginny thought, why do these two bulbs of flesh get so much attention? As she lay in bed listening to a second year snore like a freight train, Ginny let her hands glide over the two rounded crests peaking out from under her nightshirt, and she was surprised by what she discovered. Her nipples hardened beneath her fingertips, and there was the sweet singing of rushing blood in her veins. Then came the pulsing and pumping, like a second heartbeat, when she allowed one hand to drift down beneath the elastic of her knickers. Her body rejoiced that night in endless celebration. ~~~ Ginny, unbridled, unfettered, and unbound, made quite an entrance into the Great Hall the next morning. She was keenly aware that the eyes of the male students were intently studying her newly emancipated curves, but it didn't bother her this time. Ginny Weasley had decided that she was no longer going to be a victim of her bust line. She raised her heels higher off the ground, pulled her shoulders back, and jiggled merrily towards the Gryffindor table. The boys gasped in adoration with every step she took. Ginny sat down beside Harry, and made no attempts to hide the peach flesh peaking out from the top of her blouse.


Harry's eyes widened, his breathing became shallow, and he immediately excused himself. Ron turned an apocalyptic red, and Hermione smiled supportively. This didn't upset Ginny. It did just the opposite. Ginny now realized the power she possessed. She said a quick goodbye to her friends, and then went after Harry. She caught up to him quickly, ignoring the whistles from behind her. When she called out his name, Harry turned around hesitantly. His robes were bunched out in front. Ginny knew what he was hiding. She also knew what she had to do. Before Harry could object, Ginny grabbed his arm and led him towards Gryffindor Tower. He didn't say a word, but there was tension in his eyes as she led him towards the girl's dorms. When she got to her door, Harry stopped short of following her inside. He was nervous, but when Ginny asked him to come inside, he did. Ginny shut the door behind them and began to speak. She told him everything, every tiny detail, even though she hoped he wouldn't think she had gone crazy. In a way though, Ginny was crazy. She was crazy in love with Harry, crazy in love with her newfound freedom, and she wanted both of these things. Not just one or the other. Harry was so shocked at her forwardness that he couldn't respond. He just sat down on her bed, looking down at his feet. The gentle, but commanding tone of Ginny's voice surprised even her when she demanded that he look at her. Harry raised his head, and his eyes involuntarily dropped to her chest. He swallowed, hard. With her newfound confidence on full throttle, Ginny began to unbutton her blouse, and not even Voldemort himself could have distracted Harry at that moment. Ginny knew exactly what Harry wanted, even if Harry didn't. He wanted to touch her, knead her tits together like warm dough, grapple with them to his hearts content. So she did the only thing she could do. Her relationship with Harry would never go anywhere if he didn't get this out of his system. She unsnapped the front of her bra as casually as she'd shake his hand, and revealed herself to him. Drool collected in the corner of Harry's mouth when Ginny grabbed his hands, sucked in her breath, and moved them to her breasts. Tears trickled down her cheeks. She told him that she loved him and that she wanted him to pay attention to all of her, not just how stacked she was. "I want to be able to go to a Quidditch match again, I want you to be able to see all of me and not be intimidated by these, and I want you to like me for who I am on the inside," she said, and for a minute, they were both perfectly still. Harry's eyes were glazed over as he listened. Then he confessed to her that he had always loved her too. Ginny smiled, and arched her back as Harry allowed his hands to glide over her, tracing two feathery circles with his fingertips, and then brushing back over her peaks with his palms. It felt wonderful. And for the first time in a very long time, Ginny felt wonderful. With an urgency she had never seen in him before, Harry buried his head between her milky white globes, groaning and making small gurgling noises. Ginny thought he'd never grow tired of fondling, suckling, shaping, and rubbing. It felt very, very nice, indeed. Harry flipped her onto the bed like a one hundred and twenty pound pancake, and Ginny let out a great big 'Oh!' That's when he began to pay attention to the other parts of her body. Harry caressed the swells of Ginny's hips, found out that he enjoyed kissing her while she moaned into his mouth, and loved that she made little grunting noises like a guinea pig right before she came.


And Harry liked it. He liked it a lot. Yes, there really was so much more to Ginny Weasley. For hours, they moved together on the bed, higher and higher, electricity shooting through them, until they were gasping and crying out with bliss. After spending the entire day locked in her room, Ginny and Harry grinned at each other as if they had just invented sex. They sat up half the night talking about everything from the shape of Ginny's eyes to the spells Wizards used to stop cockroaches from reproducing. She made him laugh with stories about Ron playing dress-up in their mother's clothing, and he told her all about his favorite Muggle musicians, which included two groups called The Ruff Ryders and A Tribe Called Quest. Ginny never knew that Harry was a 'Hip Hop' fan, but it certainly explained why when he was spanking her earlier that evening (after noticing her wonderful arse!) he had asked her who her 'Daddy' was. Ginny, finding it odd that Harry would want to discuss her father during such an intimate moment, nonetheless answered, "Arthur Weasley." It was clear to both of them that they still had a good deal to learn about each other. The very next weekend, Harry and Ginny took their first trip to Hogsmeade as a couple, and soon, she was known to almost everyone as Harry Potter's steady girlfriend. They played Quidditch together, studied together, and she tutored him in the fine art of decorative antique hardware. From that day forward, Ginny's lovely gazongas only got Harry's full attention when she wanted them to. So you see, Ginny Weasley was finally able to get to the bottom of her problem with Harry -- by using what she had up top. "So then Christina says 'I've seen better looking hair on a used shag carpet!' So we both lost it, and then Miss James caught on. I'm lucky I'm didn't get detained up there, too!" Mandy Moore shook her head after recalling the soon-to-be-infamous, and already hour-old "calculus incident" to her friend and volleyball teammate Lacey Chabert. The two girls were sitting on a locker room bench in front of their adjoining gym lockers, lightly toweling their faces and necks after a sweat-breaking team practice. All of the other players were nosily bustling behind other rows of lockers, already stripped of their damp team uniforms and half-changed into their casual clothing, since there were no showers in St. Bernard's fossilized gym. Mandy and Lacey always took their time. They were close friends with few opportunities to chat with each other, since each got on separate buses that traveled twenty miles in opposite directions at day's end. Mandy's face remained solemn as she thought about the trouble her math pal might be facing. She reached forward to open her locker and retrieve a bottle of spring water. "Well, brainiac, that's what you get for hanging out with senior girls," Lacey said. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire, I tell ya." "Lace!" Mandy let out a low laugh and gave her friend a playful push on the shoulder. Lacey always had to work hard to make Mandy loosen up and enjoy high school. Mandy was a petite young sophomore with more than just sizzling good looks, the dirty blond hair and smooth toffee-toned skin with deep green eyes, twinkling like the ocean one second, dark as a coastal storm the next. No, Mandy also had an exceptionally high IQ for her age. That's why she was already taking senior-level classes.

That's why she would almost certainly be attending any college she chose two years from now. Mandy had the beauty, the heart of gold, and the breathtaking brainpower, all in one humble yet perfect package. But Jesus, could she worry! That's where Lacey came into the picture. She was a junior now, having played and laughed along with Mandy for two years. She was a stunner in her own right, with long, curly midnight black hair and savvy brown eyes that seemed to follow you around a room, until you realized it was YOUR eyes following HER. Her breasts had developed so rapidly that any mention of the change still made Lacey blush. In fact, she could no longer serve the ball with an underhand motion - one of her two blossoming "friends" interfered with a crucial underhand serve during a losing county playoff game last season, and that was the end of that. So yes, Lacey was just fine in the looks department, thank you very much, but her intelligence in the classroom, try as she might, never matched Mandy's. She was however, blessed with a will to succeed, a carefree sense of humor, and shrewd common sense. Lacey could tell within seconds if the boys who approached her so often wanted into her panties or into her heart. Likewise, she knew from the moment she met Mandy at their first team practice, the one where Mandy never took her eye off the ball, even during breaks in play, that what the girl needed was a little silliness in her life. They'd been close ever since. Mandy couldn't have known that Lacey longed to get closer. And so, the two girls sat, their white t-shirts with "ST. BERNARD'S VOLLEYBALL" in bold red lettering clinging to their perspiring bodies, their tiny red shorts bunching up as they shifted against the bench. Mandy took a long drink of the cool water, her extended, gulping neck catching the room's dim light and highlighting her flawless skin. She put her water bottle on the small space between herself and Lacey on the bench, and after a few well-timed seconds to erase any signs of unnatural eagerness, Lacey reached down and took a sip for herself, her tongue riding the rim of the bottleneck, trying to taste as much of Mandy as she could. God. Mandy's mouth always tasted like strawberries. How does she manage that, Lacey wondered with glee. Still, Mandy's somber mood had returned. "Gosh, Mandy, I had no idea you worried this much about Christina. God knows we wouldn't want anything to happen to the smooth sounds of our choir. Bllllllllleeeeeehhhhh...." "Mark Masters asked me to the dance today." Mandy let her revelation hang in the dense air for awhile, and cooly reached into her locker for her duffel bag. Lacey froze in place, her right index finger still making a gagging gesture against her tongue.

Slowly she pulled the finger away, using the arm of her shirt to wipe away the small bit of saliva it had picked up. She swallowed hard and looked at Mandy. The blond girl's poker face had not disappeared. She was obviously waiting for Lacey's reaction before showing emotion. Lacey sat blankly for a second, seemingly lost in space, quickly wondering how she should handle this. She wanted so badly to have an objection to this news, but she knew Mark Masters. Mark Masters was as close to a hunk as the sophomore class had. He was a nice guy, too. He had once come on to Lacey, but over-apologized when she showed no interest. This was good for Mandy. Lacey would just have to let go. "Wow. Whaddaya know, Mark Masters," Lacey said through a nervous giggle and a luminous but insincere smile. "That's great, Mand. You've got a date. Dates are great! Just fantas..." "I told him no, thanks." Again, Lacey was stopped in her tracks, this time trying hard NOT to smile. Mandy let out a loud exhalation of confused breath. She dipped her small hazel eyes to the floor, staring blankly at her scuffed white Keds. "No, thanks?" Lacey's chirpy voice broke as she tried to comprehend all of this. "Mandy, why?" "I.....I really don't know, OK?" Mandy's head was clear enough to notice that the last of their teammates was already leaving the room. She took off her shirt to show anyone who was interested that progress was being made in the clothes-changing department. "Me and Mark......something just doesn't feel right, Lace." "Ohhhhhhhkay." Lacey shook her head, her eyes always coming back to Mandy's tight white sports bra at the end of each shake. Mandy didn't have much of a bust yet, but whatever bosom she did have was being pushed forward by her heavy breathing. A bead of sweat fell from the young girl's neck and caught a ride on the side of her throbbing left breast. Lacey forced herself to stop staring before it became obvious, and pulled her own shirt up over her head, the front waistband flying up over her rack and giving her chin a customary slap. She reached into her locker for her bag while Mandy remained motionless. "What didn't feel right," Lacey asked while her head was halfway in her locker. When she sat back upright, Mandy was staring at her anxiously, her wide eyes darting between the contents of Lacey's black lace bra, and the questioning eyes of the older girl. Suddenly, Mandy lurched forward and softly grabbed Lacey by the shoulders. She planted a two-second-long kiss on Lacey's stunned, closed mouth, and then moved back to her side of the bench, the two girls' staring at each other again. Lacey's face was frozen for yet a third time. This was too much to handle. "Wha - what was that?" "A kiss," Mandy said, nodding as if Lacey had never really seen or felt one before. "I know that. Wh,wh,why did you...." "Because I think I like you that way." Lacey's woozy brain was starting to come around, but she wasn't about to put herself out on a limb if it still might snap and bring her crashing down. She managed a crooked smile towards her still-nodding friend. "Sure, we're very close friends, closer than a lot know...friends," Lacey rationalized. "I guess we hug, so why not..." "No, Lace," Mandy said, her voice pleading now, desperate for understanding. "Not that way. The OTHER way. The Mark Masters, go to the dance sort of way. That's me and you." "We are?" Lacey, trying to stay even-headed, in case this was a cruel joke. "I find you VERY sexy." Mandy, reaching her cool hand out to touch Lacey's bare, warm shoulder again. Her eyes panned Lacey's flabbergasted expression. PLEASE understand. "Do you......find me, ummm, sexy?" Lacey looked down towards Mandy's Keds, and quickly glanced at the girl from top to bottom for an answer she'd already known.

Her dark red lips formed a small smile. Her long eyebrows arched. Her cheeks blushed. There it was. Understanding. "Yes I do, Mandy." Lacey reached up and grasped the small hand on her shoulder. "I find you very sexy. Yes." Mandy relaxed, smiled for a moment, then appeared anxious again, as if negotiating the most important contract of her life. "Then maybe we're BOTH, you know,.....THAT way, Lace." "Maybe we are, Mand." Lacey's eyes welled ever-so-slightly with tears, but this was nothing like all those other nights when she wept for another reason. Mandy brought Lacey's hand down onto the bench between them, knocking over the water bottle, although neither of them seemed to notice. Her tiny rear scooted over a few inches closer to Lacey. "Maybe we should do something about it," she said, her head nestling just under Lacey's neck, her soft pink lips moving close to Lacey's again. "Maybe we will," Lacey sputtered, and the two young girls kissed, this time for real, Lacey's hands finding the back of Mandy's neck as her wet pink tongue slowly poked its way between Mandy's lips. Mandy sucked on it lightly, tasting the warm, delicate mouth of her gorgeous friend. When the two finally broke the kiss, their lips smacked apart, the distinctive sound echoing off the cavernous locker room walls and out into the deserted gym corridor. "Shhhhhhh," Lacey whispered, putting a finger to her moistened lips. Mandy pressed one of her fingers against Lacey's, and the two girls laughed softly before proceeding in joyful silence, Lacey kissing her friend again as she moved her hands down to the strap on Mandy's back. As Lacey fiddled with the fastener, Mandy leaned over and buried her face against the junior's chest. She kissed whatever bare flesh she could find. Lacey was surprised by the move, and looked down to see Mandy's smiling face looking up. Her warm breath against Lacey's hooters was driving the older girl crazy. Mandy darted her tongue through Lacey's cleavage, tasting a mixture of sweat and perfume between her girlfriend's pillowy mounds. The lace bra was annoying in one way, exciting in another. It accentuated Lacey's perkiness, so Mandy was in no rush to remove it. Lacey, however, had cracked the combination on Mandy's strap. The blonde girl sat upright again so Lacey could get an unobstructed view. She tossed the bra on top of Mandy's bag and beheld the beauty of a topless teenage girl. Mandy felt the sexual intensity of the moment. Lacey's eyes were practically standing on end and directed right at each of Mandy's hard pink nipples, the small mounds surrounding them looking so inviting. Mandy reached up to her hair and removed the plastic blue butterfly clip that had been holding her flowing mane in place. The fine blond strands poured down upon her shoulders and down her back. She placed her hands on her breasts, fondling them, squeezing them to their maximum sensitivity for Lacey's viewing pleasure. The black panties beneath Lacey's red shorts became heavy with her feminine mist. Mandy quickly swung one of her legs over the bench so that she was straddling it, and Lacey did the same, her black Reebok coming down in the small puddle the spilled water bottle had made. "You wanna kiss them?" Mandy asked, feeling a little, well, nude. "God, yes," Lacey said, relieved Mandy had given her clearance for landing on her delicate flesh. Lacey parked her mouth there in a flash. She held on to Mandy's knees and licked up the young girl's smooth abs onto her boobs. Lacey looked up to make sure Mandy was smiling. She wasn't disappointed. Mandy was in heaven as Lacey's tongue snaked around her right nipple, the girl's nose attached to her cool, moist skin, breathing in Mandy's utterly delicious scent while she tasted the bumps and ridges of the swollen nip. Lacey lightly tugged at the nipple with her pearly white teeth, getting Mandy to moan and squirm in her hands. Lacey moved her face over to taste Mandy's other teat, her tongue slowly slithering its way across the girl's yummy chest, slaking a thirst for girl flesh that had evaded her for years. She sucked loudly on the other nipple, her inhibitions swiftly disappearing. All Lacey cared about was making Mandy feel as good as she should, getting her off like fireworks on a hot summer night. "Ohhhhhh god," Mandy groaned, throwing her head back as she felt the moist tickling and sucking against her chest go to her brain. "I'm so wet right now." Lacey reached up and massaged around Mandy's neck while it was tilted backwards, feeling and tasting her silkiness all at the same time. "Mmmmm, wet, huh?" Lacey asked, getting Mandy to look down again. "Is that an invitation?" "It's a warning," Mandy said, smiling and winking.


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