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...we're gonna have a lot of sex." there was a pause of silence. Jess wasn't sure if Ashley was going to rat her out or what. "Do you have a problem with that?" Jessica asked softly. "No," Ashley said, "i don't." Ashley put her arm around Jess. "I have no problem with having sex with girls. I just want my first time to be with you." Jessica felt so relieved. She almost kissed Ashley right on the lips in public she was so relieved. "Let's not tell Kath this," Ashley said, "we should let her figure this out for herself." Jessica nodded in agreement. Kathleen returned with a bowl of cereal. "What we're you too talking about?" she asked. "Oh just tonight" Jessica said, winking at Ashley. Ashley smiled dearly and winked back. Jen tried to keep her mind off Nicole and her expulsion. Her parents had picked her up an hour ago. Jen felt saddned by the loss of her first love. She felt like they had been together for five decades not five days. She missed her and was going to miss her terribly. But in all this grief she had matured somewhat. She analyzed her conduct and while not discrediting it, she conlcuded that she was not ready for a serious relationship. She was far too horny. With that knowledge Jen somehow felt better as the day went on. She had no sex during lunch or gym. She wanted to save all her energies for tonight. She couldn't wait. At last the day finally ended. After classes the girls pushed their beds together to make for easier access to each other. They wore their most revealing clothing. It was hard for all of them to resist kissing each other. They knew if they started kissing it wouldn't end until one of them came. On the way to dinner


Jen ran into Ashley and Jess. They looked very sexy. "What time should we come?" " 6:45." Jen answered. Due to the dance the school had scheduled an early dinner. The dinner was at 5:30 and the dance at 7. "We're also brining along another friend who's, ehh, you know..." Ashley said. Jen nodded. " i think once she sees us she won't be able to resist." "God i can't wait!" Ashley shouted like a little kid. Jen chuckled and put her finger under her chin. "Neither can i" she said in a husky voice. All three girls laughed and went to the caf. The girls ate their meals quickly and with an obvious anxiousness. Throughout the caf most girls ate that way but not as fast as the lesbians and would-be lesbian ate. Not surprisingly they finished their meals quickly. They ran up to dorm 32. Jen, Julie, Lisa, Josee, Danielle and Theresa. We're filled with excitment. It was 6:30. They knew they couldn't wait 15 minutes for their guests to arrive. It would be rude of them but they certanly wouldn't be angry. Jen grabbed Theresa and led her to a bed. Danielle and Julie went together and Josee and Lisa we're the final couple. Jen and Theresa kissed passionately. Theresa's hands reaching under Jen's belly shirt to fondle her braless breasts and hardening nipples. Jen's hands already pulling down Theresa's mini-skirt. They broke the kiss so they could quickly undress. In less than 4 seconds they we're completely naked and we're back into a lustful kiss. Theresa was fondling Jen's entire body as she manovered on top of her. The kiss soon broke and Theresa quickly went to work. Licking Jen's breasts in a circular motion. Jen moaning loudly. Theresa pinched Jen's left nipple. "Harder" Jen demanded. Theresa pinched it as hard as she could and was rewarded with a great big moan from Jen. Theresa continued to do this and soon got the idea she could bite it too. Jen was in pure pleasure. Her nipples being pinched and bitten. "Oh god!" she gasped, Theresa was biting so hard she felt she was gonna have her nipples ripped off. Theresa switched and with her free hand began to finger fuck Jen. At first she did it slowly, gradually increasing her rhythm. Jen matched Theresa's increasing rhythm by bucking her hips in the air. Jen grunted and moaned loudly. Theresa reluctantly stopped biting Jen's nipple and moved down until her face was level with Jen's wet pussy. She began licking inside of Jen, Jen moaned loudly. Her body was slowly shaking, a perfect sign of an oncoming climax. Theresa began licking Jen's clit while pinching both of her swollen nipples. Jen groaned and seemed at the edge of a great orgasm. Theresa sucked on Jen's clit. After a few seconds of hard sucking Jen's body shook wildly. Theresa braced herself. Jen screamed loudly and came. Her whole body bucking wildly and spasmatically. Theresa swallowed most of Jen's tasty girl come. Jen turned to look at the other girls fucking each other. Julie was on the verge of coming. Lisa seemed to be enjoying Josee's tits. Just then there was a knock on the door. All girls stopped dead in their tracks. "Who is it?" Jen called. "Its us," was the reply in Jessica's voice. "Come on in," Jen said enthusiastically. The girls returned to their fucking. When they entered Jessica and Ashley felt like they we're in heaven. Life could not get any better. Jessica turned her regard to Ashley. Ashley smiled and took her in her arms. They kissed softly. They walked to one of the vacant beds and started to undress. Kathleen stood there, almost in shock. She didn't know what to do. She saw her two best friends get naked with each other. She saw Danielle's head buried in between Julie's legs and the pleasured expression on Julie's face. She saw Lisa and Josee rub their pussies together and the lustful expression on their faces. She saw Jen looking at her lustfully while orally stimulating Theresa. What should she do? She looked at all the pleasured expressions and sounds coming from the room. But all this was not right. She heard screams and saw Julie come wildly. Her body shaking and Danielle swallowing her juice. She turned to see Jessica and Ashley.


Jess was licking Ashley's breasts and Ash was moaning softly. Kathleen became aware of a couple of people around her. She saw Jen and Danielle at her side. They began to touch her all over. Not really concentrating on one place. Kathleen turned her sights back to her two best friends. "Do you like what you see?" Danielle whispered in her ear. "Yeah...and no," she replied as Jessica began licking Ashley's hot vagina. "What don't you like about it?" Danielle asked again. "Its not right," she said unsurely. She wasn't really sure why she didn't like it. "Look at everyone," Jen whispered, "look at how much pleasure they're having. How can so much pleasure be wrong?" Ashley was panting and shaking slightly as Jessica was licking her clit. "I don't know," Kathleen replied. Jen and Danielle we're now concentrating on her chest area. Including her breasts. Kathleen's breathing had increased. Jen got bolder and began licking Kathleen's ear. Kathleen jumped slightly as it was unexpected. Kathleen looked in awe as Ashley was screaming and bucking wildly in her passionate climax. "Look at her," Danielle whispered. "Wouldn't you like to feel that," Danielle too was licking her other ear. Kathleen felt immobilized. She was wet and couldn't deny it. She felt filled with an unknown desire. She felt so hot. Looking at Ashley and Jessica now making out passionately she knew there was only one way to feel better. "Yes," she said softly. Jen turned Kathleen towards her and kissed her. Kathleen responded instantly. Imitating the manner in which she was being kissed. Danielle began working and pulling down her pants while Jen was unbuttoning her blouse. Kathleen's hands reached out and fondled Jen's tits. She treated them like one of the seven wonders of the world. To Kathleen, Jen's breasts we're a sign of divinity. After much struggling, Danielle finally managed to strip Kathleen of her clothing. Jen took Kathleen in her arms and led her to the nearest bed. Kathleen was now kissing her with a passion that was not one of an amateur. Danielle knew that now Jen wouldn't let her take Kathleen's virginity. So she jumped on a bed with Julie. Kathleen and Jen kissed with an incredible passion. Incredible considering only three minutes before Kathleen had never even considered lesbianism as an acceptable means of achieving pleasure. She loved the feel of Jen's tongue in her mouth and her hands finding pleasure points all over her body. Jen had pinched Kathleen's nipples to erectness and was now proceeding to lick them. Kathleen moaned loudly as Jen licked her breasts and nipples and began to finger the entrance to Kathleen's slit. Jen could feel the wetness and after penetrating her a few times brought her finger out and licked the juice from her fingers. Kathleen's inexperienced body was crying out for more. Jen knew this and continued to lick her breasts while her hands stayed near her thighs and vagina. Jen slowly and gradually eased her tongue downward on Kathleen's body. Kathleen moaned slowly. "Hurry up," she pleaded. But Jen would have none of it. She slowly orally attacked Kathleen's body. Kathleen looked around her. She saw Josee and Jess locked in a 69er, Lisa and Theresa passionately necking while fingering each other almost savagely, Danielle having her breasts treated by Julie. Finally she saw Ashley, fingering herself, looking at her. Ashley smiled at Kathleen. Kathleen smiled back. Kathleen let out a surprised scream as Jen's tongue was inside of her. Kathleen had never felt anything like it. She moaned loudly. "Oh yes," Jen soon found Kathleen's clit. She licked and sucked it. Kathleen screamed and her whole body began to shake. Kathleen knew something big was on the way. Jen continued licking her clit. Suddenly Ashley appeard.

She began licking Kathleen's breasts. All this was too much for her. She screamed loudly, her whole body bucked wildly. Jen couldn't hold on, Kathleen's juice was all over Jen's face. Before Jen had time to react Ashley was licking Kathleen's come from her face. This soon evovled into a passionate kiss. Jen's hands went to Ashley's breasts and cupped them. Ashley quickly fondled Jen's larger tits. They jumped on the bed. Kathleen and Jen exchanged a deep kiss. Ashley saw this and wanted to get in the middle. She stuck her tongue in between the two mouths. Kathleen opened up her eyes and saw Ashley trying to get in on their kiss. Without thinking Kathleen pushed Jen away so she and Ashley could kiss. The kiss was passionate. Not very fast, but not very slow either. Kathleen started to stroke Ashley's hair. Jen watched them kiss and started to finger herself. "Hey what do you think you're doing?" Julie asked her, Jen turned around to look at her, "no one does anything alone, not on a night like tonight!" Jen crawled over to the bed where Julie was and they made love. That night everyone made love to everyone individually at least once. Kathleen, Jess and Ashley found themselves into a threesome with each other and that's the way they finished the night. Every girl agreed it was the best night of sex they had ever had. After breakfast Jen decided to call her mom to thank her. "Hey Jen, how are you doing down there?" she asked. "Great mom! I'm having so much fun here! I don't ever want to leave this place!" "You sound like you're enjoying yourself." "I am. Thank you so much mom for sending me here." "Since you like it so much maybe we could recommend to our next-door neighbor to send his daughter there." Jen suddenly remembered her. She reminded her very much of Nicole. Amy was her name. If Amy did get sent to the school, Jen could easily introduce her to sex. "Sound's great mom. I gotta go now. Bye" "bye Jen" Jen hung up the phone and the only thing she could think about was Amy. If she were to come here, thought Jen, mmm. Life, as they say, goes on. With anal and double penetration... Ginny Weasley had a problem. Some girls might not have considered it a problem, but Ginny certainly did. You see, sometime over the summer of her fifth year, Ginny's modest set of 'ta ta's' had quietly grown into a big, bouncy, beautiful rack. And everywhere Ginny went, people couldn't stop staring at her enormous hooters. Some girls might have been envious of Ginny's well-rounded silhouette, but as she herself soon discovered, there were drawbacks to having such a pretty pair. When Ginny showed up at the beach still wearing last year's swimsuit, her ample bosom was straining against the thin material, and peaking out from every side. Harry took one look at her and sprinted towards the ocean. According to those who were at the beach that day, the inability of Ginny's swimsuit to contain her juicy, jiggly jugs caused quite a commotion. Her boobs were almost entirely liberated in her floral print bikini top, and they bobbed up and down like two giant inflatables in a holiday parade. Mrs. Weasley's only comment about her daughter was that Ginny could probably do with a new swimsuit. To his credit, Mr. Weasley avoided commenting at all. After listening to one too many catcalls being directed towards their little sister, Ginny's brothers attempted to charm a towel around her. The spell hit Ron by accident, turning his swim trunks into a terrycloth g-string. Hermione burst into fits of giggles as she tried, halfheartedly, to reverse the spell. Ginny had led a sheltered life and didn't immediately notice the stir she had caused.

She just strutted around the beach, happy as a clam, going on about how excited she was to return to school. Shimmering and squealing with delight at the thought of sixth year DADA, she decided to walk across the street to buy some ice cream and ended up causing a minor traffic disturbance. Upon her return, and after whining endlessly about careless Muggle motorists, her brother George suggested they play a game of volleyball. Ginny was the first one to volunteer. George hesitated for a second, shrugged, and then tossed her the ball. Harry, Ron and Hermione were on one team, and Ginny, Fred, and George made up the other. Fred and George cheered when Ginny managed to score after only a few minutes into the game. Now confident in her abilities, they positioned her closer to the net. Ginny, while attempting to spike the ball, fell into the net and on top of Harry. This sent the boy who was very much alive running towards the ocean again. He refused to get out of the water for nearly half an hour. Ginny looked down at the substantial orbs attached to her chest. Strange teenage boys had been following her around and offering her candy all day. But all of this attention was so new to Ginny. She wasn't sure how to handle the praise that was being lavishly bestowed upon her chest. She liked it when the boys looked at her, and she secretly thought Harry's random erections were the greatest compliment he could have ever paid her, but to be lusted after only because of her shapely flesh melons? There was so much more to Ginny than that. For one thing, she had a pretty face. It wasn't as pretty as Lavender Brown's, but Ginny was pleasant to look at. She had expressive brown eyes, not unlike a doe, and soft pink lips that she had been told were nice to kiss. Her red hair framed her face perfectly, and much to her disappointment, Ginny hadn't received a single compliment on the new styles she had been experimenting with. Ginny was not a stupid witch. Her marks were almost as high as Hermione's, and she was fluent in fifteen wizard languages. Ginny also knew how to bake homemade bread the Muggle way, how to make shoes out of recycled plastic, and had a knack for being able to spot valuable antique doorknobs and switch plates at thrift shops. Not to mention she had a plump, round little arse. Whenever she wore her favorite red dress, it looked just like a bing cherry. But no one complimented Ginny on those things anymore. They were all too busy paying attention to what she was lugging around up top. Ginny worried that her voluptuous figure would ruin her life, but she rationalized that every girl had to have undergone some changes. She thought that once school began, people would forget all about her recent 'growth spurt.' Ginny hoped that she and Harry would finally begin to date this year. Hermione had told her in confidence that Harry had begun to notice her at the end of last term, and Ginny didn't want this new 'development' ruining any chance she had to be with him. Other girls had grown some over the summer, but Ginny Weasley had grown much more than anyone else. By the time the Hogwarts Express rolled onto school grounds, it was common knowledge that little Ginny Weasley was now sporting a set of headlights big enough for the Knight Bus. ~~~ Ginny's first day back at school was a disaster. She usually looked forward to her flying lessons with Madam Hooch, but the air that morning was so brisk, her nipples got hard and stood out like two corn niblets. Understandably, when everyone began taking off their outer robes, Ginny panicked. Her shirt was as tight as a fully stretched rubber band, and Ginny begged Madam Hooch to let her keep her robes on, but her instructor insisted she strip down to her uniform. Ginny did as she was told, resigning herself to mortification. Ginny's robes fell to the ground, followed shortly thereafter by an overexcited Colin Creevy. Madam Pomfrey managed to revive the stupefied boy, but commented aloud that this wasn't the first time in Ginny's school career that she had rendered Colin insensible. Ginny hardly thought that was fair given that she wasn't the one who had petrified Colin, and mumbled under her breath about people forgetting that she had been just as much a victim as anyone else. Ginny crossed her arms to cover herself and asked again if she could please keep her robes on. Madam Hooch agreed this time, and assured Madam Pomfrey that she would see to it that Ginny got a new exercise shirt, as it was quite apparent the girl had outgrown the one she had managed to stuff herself into. The episode on the Quidditch pitch left Colin with a memorable souvenir --- a humongous red bump on his forehead. And all during their practice, he was careful to fly as far away from Ginny as possible so as not to be caught by surprise if her robes were to unexpectedly fly off. If Colin got one more bump, someone teased, he and Ginny would be twins. After class, Ginny walked back towards Gryffindor Tower, clutching her books to her chest.

When she spotted Harry sitting down in the common room, she immediately began to cry. Ginny told Harry about her uniform being too snug, and how sorry she was about what had happened with Colin. She explained that when she was putting her shirt on that morning, she had to wriggle and squirm her way into it. Ginny confessed that the top clung to her so tightly, she couldn't wear a bra underneath, and because she had no bra on, Colin could see her nipples, which were taut and stiff from the cold. Unfortunately, Ginny was so unintentionally titillating in her guiltless candor that Harry could only gape at her helplessly before he had to excuse himself to go find relief in his room. Ginny felt downhearted. She and Harry were friends, but now she was beginning to wonder if she was little more than an object to him. Ginny complained to Hermione about Harry, but the older girl tried to convince the dispirited sixth year that she should feel 'lucky' to be so well endowed. Ginny didn't see herself as lucky at all, and she was beginning to think that Harry Potter would never be able to get past his fear of being aroused in public by her bosoms. The very next day, Ginny went to Madam Pomfrey, desperate for help. After all, she was able to shrink Hermione's overbite, and clearly what Ginny had was much more noticeable than that. The older woman laughed, told her that some day she would appreciate her large breasts, and returned to helping a first year who had accidentally turned his hair into goose feathers. There was no changing Madam Pomfrey's mind. Ginny was, without aid, doomed to remain nothing but a pair of oversized mammaries put on the planet for everyone else's amusement. Harry still ran from her, the girls in her class either avoided or taunted her, and she began to dread going to class. Ginny attended the very first Quidditch match, thinking she was safe from ridicule so long as she had her coat and scarf on. When Ron managed to block a Quaffle from a very skillful Slytherin Chaser, Ginny, not noticing that her coat had come partially undone, began jumping up and down gleefully. Harry flew into a goalpost, the Slytherin Chaser ended up strewn across the front row of the Gryffindor bleachers, and a Bludger knocked Seamus, their best Beater, off his broomstick. She was devastated when the house team requested that she not come anymore. After that day, things only got worse. Dean drew a sketch of her at that infamous Quidditch match that made its rounds through the entire male population, and the boys began following her around more than ever. Some of the girls even left nasty notes under her door despite the fact that Ginny wasn't interested in any of their boyfriends. The real tragedy however, was that Harry was still hiding from her. She almost never ran into him anymore, and when she did, he always found a reason to leave quickly before she could jiggle, or bounce, or breathe too deeply. Ginny felt as if she could live with the taunts, but when Harry refused to even look in her general direction, she knew something had to change. She loved him, and she didn't want to lose him on account of her fuller figure. Ginny hated her new body, so the curvaceous girl decided she would take drastic measures to change her situation. The very next morning, she taped her chest down almost flat, and held the tape in place with a binding spell. When she turned to the side in the full-size mirror hanging on her door, she looked like her old self again. She was pleased, for the moment, but by the end of the day, she discovered just how painful her 'solution' would be. Big, bouncy, beautiful breasts like Ginny's didn't respond well to being subdued. By the time she got back to her room that night, her chest hurt so badly she thought she might collapse in the stairwell. But the boys didn't follow her around, the girls stopped saying nasty things to her, and Harry no longer ran away. Ginny decided that she would have to learn to live with the pain. Each morning, Ginny gritted her teeth and smiled through the torment.


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