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...table seemed to like the idea, except Nicole. "What's wrong?" Jen asked. "I want to go to the dance, with you." Nicole said. "You mean as a date?" "Yes." Jen was reluctant. She would be making her already public lesbianity even further. But then, what difference did it make? The whole school knew so what should inhibit her. "Sure, i'd love to go." "Great, i'll wear something really nice." The rest of the day went uneventfully as usual, except for gym-as usual. Jen was in the shower fingering herself when a girl crawled underneath the gap between the stall and the ground, and into Jen's shower. Jen was a bit excited but a bit bewildered. "What are you doing here?" the girl was tall, hair that was blonder when it was dry, average size breasts for a 15 year old, Jen considered her very attractive. "I'm Jessica and i hear you're a lesbian and i want to know what its like." "You mean lesbian sex and all that?" Jessica nodded. Jen thought this was great. A willing girl she could seduce. Jen held her by her waist. She approached her and kissed her. Jessica was late to respond to the kiss but she soon did. Jen could sense hesitation in her kiss. She stroked Jessica's hair to help her relax. She did and the kiss became more enjoyable for both. Jen then softly touched Jessica's breasts, she played with her nipples until they we're erect. Jessica copied her and fondled Jen's larger breasts with passionate curiosity. Jen was pleased with how Jessica was responding to everything so far. Jen broke the kiss and started licking Jessica's breasts. Jess moaned in pleasure. She had never felt anything as pleasurable as this. She moaned loudly and didn't care about the noise she was making, it was probably being drowned out by the sounds of the showers anyway. Jen continued on Jess' breasts for a couple minutes. Jess was responding positively to everything she did. Jen the focused on Jessica's inviting vagina. "You are virgin?" she asked. Jess nodded desperately, not wanting any delay in the sexual pleasures she was being given. "Good" Jen plunged her tongue into Jess's hot vagina. "Oh my god yes!" Jess gasped.


Jen explored for a few minutes before preceeding to licking her clit. Jessica jumped and let out a high pitched squeal that was brief. Jen licked Jessica's clit savagely. "Oh god! Oh god!" she panted. She dug her nails into Jen's shoulders, her whole body shuddered as she came with her first orgasm. "What do you think?" Jen asked Jessica as she stood up. "I think that its amazing." Jessica wrapped her arms around Jen and they started to kiss passionately. Jessica's hands felt every inch of Jen's sexy body. The bell the rang. Startled Jessica jumped back. "That was great Jen," she said as she began to crawl under the stall. "Wait," Jen said. "What dorm are you in?" "23, you?" "32" Jessica nodded and disappeared. Next period Jen talked to Josee about her latest conquest. Josee seemed impressed. "I always wondered about her," she said. "Yeah i could tell she liked it. She wants more also. We exchanged dorm numbers," "really?" "Yeah, i think i'm gonna pay her a late night visit tonight. Oh say around midnight." "You lucky bitch. You're just saying that to make me jealous!" Josee teased. "You bet i am," Jen replied in good humour, "and is it working?" Josee pinched her, "damn right it is!" they both laughed. In the end of the day Jen and Josee retreated to their dorms. Julie and Danielle we're already making out at a stunning rate. Jen, longing for the feel of Josee's tongue in her mouth, kissed her. Both teens fell on someone's bed as their tongue's explored each other's mouth's. They made out for 15 minutes until they finally quit. They changed into their civies and looked sexy as ever. "Dice time!" Therese shouted. They rolled dices and at the end it was: Josee in Danielle's bed. Julie in Therese's bed and Lisa in Jen's bed. At dinner Nicole seemed usually quiet. Jen tried to get her to talk but she wouldn't budge. She just ate. Finally when her meal was finished she finally spoke ."jen we have to talk," "okay," Jen replied, munching on her spaghetti. "Now!" Nicole said quietly but firmly. Jen finished her mouthful and left the table to follow Nicole. They went outside. "What is it?" Jen asked. "Jen i can't do this. It's asking too much from me," "What's asking too much?" "I can't share you with other girls. I'm talking about sex. You sleep around with everyone in that dorm and lord knows who else and then you say you're my lover. I can't do that." "What do you want me to do?" Jen asked. Nicole turned to face her. "Either you stop having sex with them, or we're over." and Nicole walked away. Jen sat on the steps and thought. There was no doubt in her mind that she was in love with Nicole and she didn't want to lose her. But to give up sex. Sure their sex was great but so was sex with everyone else. But she had to have Nicole, Nicole was so special to Jen, she couldn't lose her. She could compensate by having sex with Nicole more often. She had no choice, she decided to stop having sex with the girls in her dorm so she could be with Nicole. Her mind made up, Jen ran to where Nicole was walking on the school grounds. She caught up with her. "Made your decision so soon?" Nicole asked. "There's was nothing to it," Jen said. "I just thought about how much i love you and how i'd hate to lose you." Nicole turned to face her, a bit happier. "So it's a promise then?" Nicole asked. "I promise to have sex only with you." Nicole smiled and Jen melted. "Good, now come here," Jen found her way into Nicole's passionate kiss. The kiss broke with some reluctance. "Let's go somewhere and fuck," Jen said. "You know what i like!" Nicole said.


The two lovers found their way to a secluded corner of the school and made love. Jen didn't get to her dorm until almost 9:30. The girls, who we're obviously necking before her entry, turned to look at her. "What happened?" Josee asked who was in Lisa's arms. Jen shut the door. "Well," Jen said, "she gave me an ultimatum. Either i stopped having sex with you girls or she leaves me," "what have you decided?" Julie asked with a worried tone in her voice. "I've decided that i want to have Nicole for as long as i'm alive so i can't have sex with you anymore." A huge atmosphere of disappointment filled the room. They we're five again. Julie by far was the most disappointed; tears we're falling down her face. Jen felt very awkward, she felt like she had betrayed them. "Its okay Jen," Josee said, "its not your fault, we don't blame you." she said this as she stripped herself naked and slipped onto Danielle's bed who was also nude. She saw Lisa climb in with Julie in Therese's bed. They we're also naked and also horny. For the first time since she had been here, Jen was going to be in a bed by herself. While she heard and saw the girls madly making love it was Jen's turn to cry. She missed licking Josee's tits, kissing Julie, eating Danielle, being fucked by more than one person at once. For the first time Jen doubted her ability to stay faithful. Part of her wanted to stay faithful, but another hated the whole concept of being faithful to one girl. She was torn. She would miss the sex in her dorm, there was no doubt about it. Jen went asleep after all the girls had climaxed at least once and had stopped fucking. She fell asleep with tears in her eyes. Chapter 5 Jen woke up the next morning feeling very low. She showered feeling very low. She ate feeling very low. She went to class feeling ver low. It was 2nd period when for reasons unknown to herself, she went to the bathroom. She washed her hands and looked at the sad face staring back at her in the mirror. The door creaked, Jen turned to see Danielle walking in. "Hi Jen," she said, "Hi," Danielle walked next to Jen. "So," Danielle began, "how are you putting up with it?" "Very badly, i don't know if i can starve myself like this. While you we're fucking last night i was crying." "Really?" Danielle said, genuinely concerned. "I thought why should i have to sacrifice myself for one person. But it just so happen's that the one person is the person i'm in love with. Life sucks." "Don't say that Jen," "it's true," Jen said, Jen felt as if she we're going to cry again. Jen turned to face Danielle. Jen was staring into Danielle's magical eyes and Jen found herself immobilized. Jen felt Danielle's hand on her cheek, "do you want me to make those tears disappear?" "Yes, i do," at that moment Jen wanted Danielle to kiss her. And she did. Jen exploded in the kiss. They kissed madly. Jen forgetting all presumptions guided Danielle to a stall. Jen wanted this to go further. And she knew it would. It had to. Danielle began to unbutton Jen's shirt. Jen started doing the same. By the time Jen had finished unbuttoning Danielle's shirt, Jen's bra was unclasped and her breasts we're being fondled by Danielle's expert hands. Danielle broke out of the kiss, she started to lick Jen's tits and hard nipples while undoing Jen's skirt. Jen tried to keep quiet as Danielle started finger fucking her. Danielle fucked Jen savagely, using three fingers she kept thrusting in and out in a violent, savage motion. She bit down on Jen's nipples in an equally savage manner. Jen could no longer keep quiet, she moaned and groaned. She felt Danielle's fingers around her clit. Danielle pinched her clit while pinching her nipple. Jen arched her body forward. "I'm coming," Jen warned. Danielle ran Jen's clit back and forth with her finger, driving Jen closer and closer to orgasm.

Jen was unable to contain her scream as she came. Her knees nearly buckled. Jen soon relaxed after her orgasm passed. Danielle retrieved her hand from Jen's groin. Her palm was covered with Jen's come. She held her hand open and moved it towards Jen's face. "Help me lick this," Danielle said. They both licked come from Danielle's hand. They soon kissed passionately. Danielle wrapping her arms around Jen. They kiss broke eventually. "You'd better get back to class," Danielle said, tying up her blouse and scurrying off. Jen put herself together. As Jen looked at the clock she realized she had been in the washroom for 15 minutes. "What took you so long?" the nun asked her as she came in the class. "I'm sorry," she said. The nun took pity on her and let her go back to her desk, next to Nicole. Soon after Jen sat down Nicole started talking to her. "What happened?" "I sorta got carried away in a stall, if you know what i mean," Jen smiled wickedly. Nicole mirrored Jen's smile. "If you ever want to get carried away, Jen, just ask me. And we'll get carried away together. It's a lot more fun that way." they both chuckled. "How 'bout tonight?" Jen asked, Nicole smiled sweetly. "Sure," "and every night after that." "Of, course." They rest of the day went pretty uneventful. At 9:00 PM, with the girls in her dorm already making out, Jen left her dorm. She managed to sneek outside to the East side of the school. There she found Nicole waiting for her, with a couple of blankets. Nicole and Jen kissed passionately. The moon was full and the atmosphere was romantic. They made love the like lovers that they we're. It was the best sex Jen had ever had. Jen found her way back to her dorm around 11 PM. She was about to go in when she heard a voice whisper her name. She looked around and saw Jessica wearing her pyjamas. Jen didn't know what to do. She knew Jess wanted to have sex with her. And Jen knew she wanted to have sex again with Jessica. Jen wanted everyone. Jessica eased her way forward until she was next to Jen. "Let's go inside," she whispered. Jen opened the door and went in. The only girls who we're still fucking we're Lisa and Teresa. Jen could see Jess' eyes grow wide at the sight in front of her. "This dorm is amazing," she said as Jen quietly shut the door. Jen went in her bed and Jess followed her. Jen realized she was a nympho and could never resist the pleasures of the flesh no matter how hard she tried. She decided to simply keep secret her activities from Nicole and everything would be alright. She and Jess kissed passionately. Jen's hands unbuttoning Jessica's pyjamas. "Jen," Lisa said, "we thought you weren't allowed," Jen broke the kiss, "i'm not," and returned her attention to Jessica. They kissed madly. Sucking on each other's tongue's while pulling off their clothes. Jessica fondled Jen's breasts, making the nipples hard. Jess broke the kiss and began licking Jen's neck, her hands caressing Jen's inner thighs. Jen moaned loudly. Jess' tongue worked her way to Jen's breasts. She licked and sucked every nook and cranny on Jen's large tits and hard nipples. Jen moaned louder. Jessica's finger slowly worked its way inside Jen's vagina as Jessica slowly licked her chest and abdomen. Jen moaned in pleasure, this forbidden fruit she enjoyed. Jen felt Jess' warm breath on her groin. "Eat me," Jen begged, thrusting her hips in the air. She felt Jessica's tongue inside her. "Oh god yes," Jen moaned as Jessica's tongue explored inside her. Jessica enjoying the taste of Jen's lesbian vagina. Jen's hands found their way to Jessica's head and pulled down. Forcing Jess further deeper inside her. Jess' tongue found Jen's stimulated clit. Jen's body shuddered severely. Jessica pinched Jen's nipples as hard as she could while she licked Jen's clit. Jen screamed loudly, her orgasm seconds away.

Jess sucked on Jen's clit. Jen screamed loudly and came. Juice flowing into Jessica's welcoming mouth. Jessica swallowed every drop like a dying man drinking water. Jessica crawled up and she and Jen kissed madly. The unrestrained passion driving them in their desire for each other. They kissed for almost ten minutes. The kiss reluctantly broke and both girls took time to catch a breath. "Jen," Jessica began, "does everyone in here have sex?" "All the time." Jen answered with a smile. "Whoa!" Jess said. Then she acted like a great idea hit her. "What is everyone doing tomorrow night?" "Well," Jen said, "everyone except me is staying here for a orgy." "Why aren't you staying?" "I have a date," Jen said uneasily, still not at ease with her promiscuousness. "With Nicole?" Jess asked tensely, "yeah. Why?" Jen asked, worried by the tension in her voice. "She just got expelled." Jess said softly, putting a comforting arm around her. "What for?" "She was caught outside of her dorm earlier tonight. It was the third offence and three strikes and you're out." Jen began crying. "No," she said, "it can't be. They can't take her away from me like this." Jess hugged her warmly, doing her best to comfort her. Jen cried for a few moments then gradually recovered. "Jen?" Jess asked softly, "could i bring my two best friends here tomorrow night?" "You sure can," Jen said, chuckling. And they fell to sleep. Jessica's two best friends we're in her dorm. Ashley was a blonde with big blue eyes and her breasts we're equal in size to Jessica's making for a very beautiful and desirable girl. Kathleen was brown haired, dark blue eyes that stuck out and her breasts we're not quite as big as her peers, she was still a B-cup but Kathleen was still very attractive and very desirable. After Jessica's awakening in the shower with Jen she immediately thought of her tow best friends and trying this with them. She now fantasized of kissing Kathleen, of licking Ashley's breasts, of seeing them naked, of having sex with them. Jessica got wet whenever she thought of her two best friends now, when she was around them she felt an undeniable feeling in her vagina and a even more undeniable urge to brag them and make love to them. She wanted to, very badly. She knew she couldn't just expect them to be her girl friends if she simply tried to kiss them or stripped in front of them. She knew if they saw the orgy in the dorm they would become immediate converts. And that was what made Jessica sleep with a big smile on her face. Chapter 6 In the morning Jess was in awe when she saw all these naked girls walking around. Jessica felt immediately turned on by seeing Julie, Lisa, Theresa, Danielle and Josee naked at the same time. She delighted in the fact that twelve hours from now they would be having hot sex. She couldn't wait. Jessica caught up with her two best friends in caf at breakfast. "You girls going to the dance tonight?" she asked them. Both Ashley and Kathleen responded with "yeah's". "well," Jess said trying to sound nonchalant, "I got a better idea. The girls in dorm 32 have got some wild stuff planned for tonight." "You mean?" Kathleen asked, Jess simply nodded, knowing that Kathleen assumed she was talking about drugs. "What kinds?" she asked again. "A lot," she replied, smiling and nodding her head in sync with Kathleen. "Wicked!" she exclaimed. "What dorm is it again?" "32. We'll go together." "God, i can't wait." Kathleen said and went to get herself a second helping of cereal. "Jessica," Ashley said, "we're not going to smoke up drugs are we?" she asked, with those eyes of hers Jessica knew she could never lie to her and get away with it. "No," she said, almost ashamed. "Dorm 32. That's the dorm with the lesbians isn't it?" Jess nodded, unsure what her best friend was going to do. "What's gonna happen if we go there?" Jess swallowed and kept her voice low, "we're gonna have a lot of sex." there was a pause of


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